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Picture of seals in the Crescent City harbor.

Fellow Fisherman in the Harbor
These guys have claimed the pier next to us and are our best friends while we are cleaning your fish.

Tally Ho II at their new dock in the Crescent City harbor.

Tally Ho II in the recently finished harbor. Our dock is D-29.
The Crescent City Harbor was just recently repaired after the most recent Tsunami.

The Tally Ho II

Your Captain

Craig Strickhouser

Craig has owned and operated fishing charter services in both Long Beach and Crescent City. He is fully licensed by the United States Coast Guard and is an expert at catching fish both in the Pacific Ocean and the Smith River, which is just a few miles north of Crescent City.

Your Host

Bonnie Strickhouser

When you call us for a reservation or need any other information, such as hotel or restaurant advice, Bonnie will take care of you. You can also see a list of recommended motels and restaurants by clicking here.

Your Skilled Deck Hands

Mark Danner, Bill Kulikov and Bill Henne

The crew has over 50 years of combined fishing experience and are happy to share their knowledge about fishing the waters around Crescent City.

Our Boat and Our Experience

The Tally Ho II is 44 feet in length and 14 feet wide. It is a U.S. Coast Guard licensed vessel with full electronics. It has been fishing the waters around Crescent City since 2000.

Our location has ample parking and we are handicapped accessible.

One day fishing licenses can be purchased at Englund Marine (within walking distance from the dock) and Wal-Mart (a 10-minute drive north of the dock).

The Tally Ho II and part of the crew entering Crescent City harbor. A rear view of the Tally Ho II as she sits at the newly completed harbor after the effects of the 2011 Tsunami.

Tally Ho Sportfishing
Crescent City Harbor
Crescent City, CA 95531

(707) 464-1236


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Bonnie and Craig Strickhouser - your hosts - on the Tally Ho II.

Bonnie and Craig Strickhouser

The Tally Ho II sits docked at the newly completed harbor after the effects of the 2011 Tsunami. Several Rockfish being cleaned at the Crescent City Harbor.